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Maintenance & Tank Cleaning Chemical

With rich industry experience in this domain, we are occupied in manufacturing and supplying highly effective array of Tank Cleaning Chemicals, Water Based Chemicals, Boiler Water Treatment, Fuel Oil Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Maintenance Chemicals and Other Tank Cleaning Solvent. Our offered range of chemicals includes Liquid Alkaline Cleaner (LAC), Chem Break, HCF Remover, Raw Chemicals, Condensol Amine, Hardness Control, Oxygen Control, etc. The offered chemicals are formulated using superior quality chemical compound and sophisticated technology in adherence to international quality norms at vendors end. Our quality inspector test these chemicals as per set quality standards to ensure maximum purity and effectiveness.


We offer:


Maintenance Cleaning ChemicalGet Quotation

Various Types of Maintenance Cleaning Chemical manufactured by our group division cleaning procedure : Hand Cleaner Paste ( Waterless 1 Kg ) , Ultrasonic Cleaner, Inviro Cleaner 25 Ltr, Electrosol Quick Dry, Rig Wash Green 1000 LTRS, Electrosol Electrical motor and Parts cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner 20 Ltr, Degreaser Heavy Duty - 25 ltr, Rxsolzyme TDS (Toilet Descaler), Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%) 40 Kg, Condensor Inhibitor (20 kgs pkg), Biological Toilet Cleaner, Biological Toilet Cleaner, RXSOL Antifreeze, Electrosol E, Electrosol QD Kg, Degreaser And Deruster, Coolant 210 Ltrs, Oil Spill Dispersant Type-III 20 Ltrs, M Oil moya, Electrocleaner, RXSOL ORG - 4 1 KG, Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser 25 Ltr , Ecoclean RX, Electro Lite Liq, Organic Syndets pwd, Drain Cleaner ( BIO ), Disc Separator Cleaner HD 25 Ltrs, Dual Cleaner, Sulfamic Acid Liquid 25 LTR, Antifreeze Liquid, Bilgo Clean Seprasol Heavy Duty 25 Ltr, Rig Wash Green 25 Ltr, Corrosion Inhibitor for metal RUST Prevantive, Corrosion Inhibitor for metal RUST Prevantive, Electrosol Quick Dry 30 Kg , Drain Pipe Cleaner, Rig Wash Citrus Formula 25 Ltr, Citric ACID, Petroleum Jelly, Rustosol 25 Ltr, Ethylene Glycol, Tri Ethylene Glycol D, General Purpose Cleaner 20 / 210 Ltr, M.DET-300, General Purpose Cleaning Solvent, Rig Wash Powder 7 Kg, Pine Disinfectant Anti Microbial, Disc Cleaner 210 Ltr, Disc Separator Cleaner HD 210 Ltr, Filter Cleaner HD, Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler 210 Ltrs, Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler 210 Ltrs, Engine Water Treatment 25 Ltr, Boat Cleaner RXSOL, RXSOL ORG - 7, Drain Pipe sewer Cleaner, FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue, Oil Grease Remover HD , Cool Treat 210 Ltrs , Hardness Phosphate Control 25 Kgs, Drain Cleaner Alkaline 25 Ltrs , Biological Guard -280 Conc 20 Ltrs , Heavy Duty Cleaner 25 Ltr, Heavy Duty Cleaner 25 Ltr  Coolant Extended Life RXSOL ELC , RXSOL Emulsifier Concentrate Solution , Heavy Duty Electro Cleaner (Antibactrial Lemon Power ), Stainless Steel Cleaner, Rig Wash Deodorizer , Corrosion Treatment 3762 , RXSOL Altreat 400  Vacum Toilet Cleaner, RXSOL H (Aromatic Hydrocarbon), Cutting Oil , Electrosol Plus, Electrosol NF 25 Ltr  Anti Foaming Scale Inhibitor, Hydraulic & BOP Control Fluid Concentrates, All Purpose Cleaner 1 Ltrs, Filter Cleaner, Floor Cleaner 20 Ltr, Antifoam 210 Ltr, Muriatic Acid.


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Tank Cleaning ChemicalGet Quotation
Various types of tank cleaner manufactured by our group division msds and tech bulletin, cleaning procedure  ::: 
Metalic Brightner Eco Rust Clean, Sewage Defoamer.
Alkleen Safety Liquid, Emulsion sludge Breaker, Methanol Tech Grade, Tank Degresol Heavy Duty,Oil Spill Dispersant Type-III, Aqua Clean HD, Tank Cleaner TTC HD, Tank Cleaner, Hydrocarbon Remover Hcf, B Solve Tank Cleaner, Sewage Tank Biological Liq, White Spirit, TPOL Heavy Duty, Cold Washer HD, Dechlorination Soln De Hypo, Passivation Liquid RX, Edge Sol Cleaner, Enviro 2000 Soft,Seacleaner org, LAC Liquid HD, Passivation Liq. Blend with Citric Acid, Demineralised Water, Dual HD Cleaner, HCF Remover HD, Bunker Cleaner C, Voyage Sol Cleaner Sea water compatibility, Deodorizer Acrylate Cleaner X, Dye Wash Org Dichlor, Metal BriteRXSOL ORG-3, New Org, Air Fresh, Chlor RX, Unipol RX, DI Water Tech Grade, Degreaser Heavy Duty, Tank Cleaner HD, CTC Volc Cleaner, RX TUFF Cleaner, Aqua Break RX,  Bilgo Clean, Aqua Break RX HD, Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty, All Purpose Cleaner Tech, Accelerage, Accelerage, Seacleaner, Toluene Tech Grade, Metalic Brightner HD, LYE Sodium Hydroxide Liquid, Toluene Pure. C6H5. CH3, HCF Remover HD, Degreaser SB, Degreaser Neutral Based, G50 Marine, Multi Clean Tank Wash, Sea Cleaner Plus, Sodium Hypo Chlorite Kg, Bitumen Remover (Cleaner), Furnace Oil Cleaner RX-FO, G50 Marine, Buffer Cleaner, Tankclean ECO, Hydrocarbon Remover Hcf, Moya Oil, Zinc Coating Conditioner, Lead Cleaner Inhibitor Remover, Marine Clean SC, Dye Remover-ORG Dichlor, Tankclean ECO, Tank Cleaner Separating, Latex Remover, Tall Oil Crude rosin Cleaner, Fish Oil Turpentines Cleaner, Lube Oil Additive 1&2 Cleaner, Wax Cleaner Paraffin(Slack), Palm Fatty Acid Cleaner, Veg and Animal Oil Cleaner, Phenol Cleaner, Styrene Monomer Cleaner, Phthatalates Cleaner, Gasoil Kerosine/Gasoline Cleaner, Slurry(Not Clay Slurry)Cleaner, Fatty Acid Oil Cleaner, RXSOL 666, Accel Clean RX, RXSOL ORG-6, Chlorosol rx, RXSOL ORG-8, Glycol Ether, Dechlorination Soln De Hypo, KT-Sol Plus Heavy Duty, Aquatuff-liquid, Inviro CleanerDeodorizer Acrylate Cleaner X, KT-Sol Plus Heavy Duty, IGS Cleaner, G14 Marine, Aquasolv, RXSOL Marine Concentrate, RXSOL ORG-8, Bleach Neutralizer, Super Green Rx, RXSOL 202, Demineralised Water, Butyl Glycol, Sludge Cleaner Heavy VOLC.

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Degreaser for Industries, SHIP, HouseholdGet Quotation
Bilgo Clean, Degreaser SB, Moya Oil Concentrate, CTC Volc Cleaner, Cold Washer RX eco, Oil Spill Dispersant Type-I, Detergent Powder HD Powder, Toluene Tech Grade, Air Cooler Cleaner LT, Sea Cleaner Plus, Bio Sol Cleaner, Carbon Tetrachloride, RED NBD Plus RIG Degreaser, Lac Alka Liquid HD, Seacleaner, T.POL, Alkleen Safety Liquid, Coal Tar Cleaner, Aqua Break RX HD, Degreaser Biodegradable HD, General Purpose Cleaner, Perchloroethylene, Heavy duty Grease & Soil Cutter, Detergent Degreaser Conc. Low Foaming, Butyl Cleaner Conc. High Foaming, Degreaser Natural Biodegradable High KB, Degreaser Conc. Citrus Detergent, Degreaser Natural Biodegradable No VOCs, Degreaser Food Plant Super Solv, Soy Tar Remover / Soy Oil Cleaner, Degreaser High pH hot stuff, Degreaser Citrus Deodorizer, Degreaser Soy and VOC Free Tar Remover, Tar and Asphalt Remover Conc, Degreaser Citrus Rino, Parts Washing Solvent, Safe Parts Washing Solvent, Degreaser Conc Odor Control, Enviro Brake Parts Cleaner Bulk, Solvent Cleaner Low odour, Degreaser Conc. Double Strength Detergent, BIO Cleaner for Oil Grease, Degreaser for HEAVY SOIL, Degreaser Conc. Deodorized, Degreaser Electrical Non Flame, Degreaser Non Butyl, Degreaser Dual strength Surfactant, Degreaser Non Phosphate, Degreaser Aqueous pH Conc. B F E Conc, Battery Clean, Degreaser High Foam High pH Vehicle cleanerVOLC white Multi Clean, Solvent Cleaner Non Hazardous, RXSOL ORG-3, Degsol Clean, Oil water Separator. Alkleen Safety Liquid 35 Ltr , Odour Control Degreaser Conc , Heavy Duty Grease and Soil Cutter , Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser , Alkleen Safety Liquid 35 Ltr , odour Control Degreaser Conc , Heavy Duty Grease and Soil Cutter , Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser , High Foam High Ph Cleaner Degreaser, CTC VOLC Cleaner 210 ltrs, Lac Alka Liquid HD 25 Ltrs, Oil Water Separator 25 Ltr, RXSOL ORG - 3 10 Ltr, Sea Cleaner Plus 20 Ltr, T.POL 210 Ltrs , VOLC White Mullti Clean, Oil Spills Dispersant (Type-I), Clothing Cleaner Volc Industrial.

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Scale Removers DE Scaling ChemicalsGet Quotation
Various Grade :::-

Descaling Liquid :::  - Scales are very damaging to the boiler because they interfere with the heat transfer and can lead to overheating and eventually, boiler rupture , To increase usable life of cleaned equipment , it is safe and effective way to remove scale deposits. Part No - RXSOL-11-1008-020

Safe Acid Descalex powder ::: - superior , heavy duty Powder acid Specifically formulated to remove rust and water scale build up from boiler evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems, pipeline collection system etc. Part No - RXSOL-54-1008-025 

Scale Gun RX :::  -  Descaler for Washing Machine. Part No - RXSOL-11-1097-025

Lime Scale Remover :::  -  lime eater dissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from your appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost. Part No - RXSOL-11-1052-025

Descalex Powder :::  Descalex is a dry acid cleaner formulated to remove rust and scale deposits. Part No - RXSOL-15-1009-025

Scale Remover Hard water ::: This is powerful concentrated and newly developed scale cleaner , which contain amphoteric penetrants for dissolving hard water scale. Part No - RXSOL-11-1102-025 

Scale Mineral Cleaner ::: Very effective products to remove Mineral Scale deposits from Surfaces. Part No - RXSOL-15-3011-025

RXSOL Zyme Descaler  ::: The environmentally friendly and efficient treatment for urine scale build-up in vacuum pipes.This Product prevents scale and keeps sewage flowing freely.

Hydrocarbon Scale Deposit Remover ::: -  Solid Hydrocarbon deposition on heat exchanger tube is biggest problem in industrial line. It helps removal of such deposition in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  . Part No - RXSOL-11-1672-025

Scale Inhibitor :::  - Treatment is used to reduce the concentration of scale forming compounds that can accumulate in production wells, water and disposal wells, flowlines and surface equipment. Part No - RXSOL-16-1056-025

Descalex Polymer ( Heat Exchanger) :::  -  safe and effective way to remove scale deposits from all types of water-cooled and water-heated equipment. Part No - RXSOL-40-1048-025

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Boiler Cooling Sewage Evaporator Water Treatment Chemicals Get Quotation

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Water Treatment Chemicals Boiler Cooling Sewage such as Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals, Antifreeze Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor 25 Liters, Drinking Water Additive, Algae Control, CAT Sulphite 25 Ltr, Boiler Water Sludge Conditioner, Antifouling Liquid , Hydrazine Hydrate 25 Kg , Boiler Coagulant 25 Ltr , RXSOL 2000-25 Ltr ,Boiler Water Sludge Conditioner 25 Ltr, Combotreat Powder , Diesel Guard NB Liq 25 Ltr , Biological Guard Antifouling 25 Ltrs, Rocor NB Liq 25 Ltr, Boiler Water Treatment Auto 25 Ltrs, Coolant Green RXSOL G 93-94, Coolant Premix Redcool, Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed/Chilled Systems with Nitrite, Corrosion Inhibitor For Closed & Open Cooling System , Hydrogen Peroxide , Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed/Chilled Systems Concentrate, Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger , Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed/Chilled Systems with Nitrite, Sulfamic Acid tech , One Shot Universal Liquitreat 100 25 Ltrs , Rocor NB Liquid With Indicator 25 Ltr , Oxygen Control Corrosion Inhibitor , Corrosion Inhibitor Nitrite - Phosphonate for Closed Loop , Oxygen Scavanger PWD 25 , Descaling Liquid , PH Booster , Diesel Guard NB , Sludge Odour Control ORG TR 50 - 25 ltr , Vap Treat SOL 25 Ltr, Hardness Control Liquid, Condenser Coil , Biocide 25 Ltr, Alkalinity Control 25 Ltrs, Commissioning Cleanser.


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Rigs OilField Maintenance ChemicalsGet Quotation

Creating a niche of Rigs Oilfield Maintenance Chemicals such as Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate, Alkleen Safety Liquid 50 Ltrs, Air Cooler Cleaner LT 25 Ltrs, Cold Washer HD Degreaser, Degreaser Multi Clean, Demulsifier ORG and many more items at its best, with utmost quality. M.DET-300 Cleaing LABSA and Ethoxy Lauryl Solutio , Moya Oil 50 Ltr , Multi Clean 25 Ltr, Oil Spill Dispersant Type-I 210 Ltrs , Oil Spill Emulsifier, Oxygen Scavanger PWD 50 Kg, Pour Point Dispersant (Polymethaerylate Base) , Sludge Cleaner Heavy VOLC 25 ltrs , T.POL Heavy Duty 25 ltrs , Water soluble Demulsifier , Rustosol 05 Ltr , Muriatic Acid 50 ltrs.

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Floor Cleaner ProductGet Quotation
Floor Cleaner 20 Ltr, Floor Cleaner Concentrate Low Foaming, Floor Cleaner HD 25 Ltrs Floor Cleaner Non Rinse Disinfectant, Floor Cleaner ozone Neutral, Floor Cleaner Org Neutrasel ( Neutralizer & Salt Remover).

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RO Maintenance Chemicals Reverse Osmosis TreatmentGet Quotation
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaner RO membrane cleaners is specifically designed to remove iron fouling for silica. It also has effectiveness against calcium carbonate scaling. RXSOL-33-3304-025 performance can be enhanced by adding low / high ph cleaners to the cleaning solution although some minor ph correction may be necessary. It should always be used as recommended by the membrane manufacturer or equipment supplier, in respect to cleaning ph and temperature. it also contains organic dispersants that helps to break down colloidal clay deposits and imparts better efficacy to biocides by penetrating into films. it is specifically developed for removing iron, silica, metal silicates, metal oxides/hydroxides and other colloidal/particulate based foulants from ro membranes. It is also effective to remove calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and silt.

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Coolant Antifreeze Cutting Oil Chemical GroupGet Quotation

We have high quality coolant -antifreeze chemicals  : DI Water Industrial Grade , Antifreeze Liquid With Corrosion Inhibitor, Coolant 210 Ltrs, Coolant Extended Life & Radiator Cleaner & Engine Treatment, Cutting Oil, Coolant Green RXSOL G 93-94  -  Advantages :  Standard factory-fill for all machine cooling systems. / Lower Maintenance Costs-Reduces engine coolant and additive costs by as much as 500% compared to conventional coolants. It eliminates the need for supplemental coolant / Advanced Metal etc.

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Fuel Oil TreatmentGet Quotation

Fuel Oil Sludge Treatment disperses sludge and emulsifies water in oil tanks to help eliminate burner breakdown, sludge formation and winter freezing. Discourages soot formation and helps conserve energy.

Products : Fuel Emulsion breaker, Fuel care treat, Fuel oil treat, Sooth Remover, Soot sick, Valvocare Fuel Additive.

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Ship Hold Solution Cleaning AgentGet Quotation
We manufacture and supply various types of hold cleaning products like High Foam Emulsifier Cleaner, RX Tuff High Foam conc., RX Tuff Highly Concentrated, HP Wash, Citric Acid LR grade, Foam cleaning Agent, Rock Phosphate Cleaner rx hold 210 Ltr, Deodorizer, Acetic Acid, Calcium Hydroxide.

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Test Kit For Water TreatmentGet Quotation
We have following Test Kits - Alkanity Test Kit , Boiler Water Test Kits , Cooling Water Test Kits , Chloride Test Kit, Calcium Test Kit , Coliform Test Kit, Chloride Test Indicator. Copper Sulphate LR for passivation Test , Fresh water Test Kit , Hardness Titration Solution 2 , Iron Test Kit , Oil Mud Lab Test Kit , Nitrite Test Kit ,Offshore Test Kit (Complete Set) , Palladium Chloride pasivation Test Kit , Passivation Reagent 17 & 45 , PH Test Kit , Phosphate Test Kit , Rig Lab Complete Set , Sewage Test Kit , Tannin Test Titrant mTN2, Vinegar Acetic Acid Test Method , Alkanity Test Kit , Alkanity Test Kit Indicator P, Air plane Test Kit , Conductivity Meter, Feroxyl Test Kit for free Iron passivation, Glassware cleaner for Lab, Comparator , Nitrite Test Reagent TK5, Nitrite Test Reagent TK6 , Orthotolidine Solution , RXSOL TK, Sulphite Test Kit , Silver Metal purity Test

Our Lab products includes the following - Filter Paper Fold 100 PCS Whatman, Thermometer 10 to 100, Neslter Tube with Stropper 100 ml, Neslter Tube With Stropper 50 ml, Measuring Tube without Stropper 100 ml, Measuring Tube With Stropper 50 ml, Nessler tube 50 Ml without stropper, Nessler tube 100 Ml without stropper, Filter Paper, Mesh Sieve.

Our products for Boiler Water Treatment  -  Oxygen Scavenger, One Short Universal BWT Guard, Boiler Coagulant, Combo Treat, Condensate Control, Hardness Control Liquid, Oxygen Control, Catsul Sulphite, RXSOL Autotreat.

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House Hotel & CateringsGet Quotation
Offering you a complete choice of products which include House Hotel & Caterings such as Battery Acid, Kitchen Cleaner, Adhesive Remover Floor Carpet, Air Cooler Cleaner 20 ltr, All purpose Cleaner Antibacterial, Bath Tub Cleaner and many more items.

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Automobiles CleanerGet Quotation

We have following high quality products for vehicle cleaning -

Aluminum Cleaner (Trailer Wash Acid) , Break Up powder Automobiles Floor and Engine Parts Degreaser ,CAR Coating Remover H.D ( Protection Wax Film Cleaner )Car Wash Shampoo For BIKE, CAR, Truck and all Automobile,Cement Cleaner, Leather Cleaner and Citrus Auto Degreaser (C.A.D),Concrete Truck Cleaner (CRMC-83), Dual Ka Cleaner,Tyre Polish Gloss Nu look Dressing Vinyl Conditioner , High Foaming Vehical Cleaner,Lac Alka Liquid HD,Liquid Mix ,MAX Concentrate Super Cherry Red, PH Adjusted Cleaner,Powdered Wash Soap Heavy Duty, Spark Clean Bio Degreaser For Chain Conveyor Nutbolt Gear,Powdered Wash Soap Medium Sudsing, Power Wash Plus and Power Mix,Prism Foaming Rainbow Wax, Reclaim Pit Bacteria Killer & Deodorant RPD-400,Red Sheater Concentrate, Super Concentrated Auto Detergent, Super Auto Wash Concentrate,Traffic Film Remover, Trailer Cleaner, Windshield Cleaner Summer.Windshield Washing and Screen Wash Glass Cleaner, Dash Board Cleaner.


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Paint Cleaning Products Enamel Ink Epoxy NC ThinnerGet Quotation
DIP-N-Clean Volc ( Paint Brush equipment Cleaner ) : Safe cleaning solution to clean out the interior of paint sprayers, guns, and hoses, Machinery Parts, Stub burn carbon deposits Stripping time may vary from minutes to overnight.

After Using Paint and other resin and oil grease materials, We developed new advanced formulated Hand Cleaning Viscous liquid ::: Hand Cleaner VOLC Cream Dip-n-Clean - Dip-n-Clean cream Hand Cleaner will clean your sticky fingers in no time. After using resin / grease / oil / paint, take a small quantity in your hands and rub it in. Finally, clean your hands with towel / paper or cleanse with water.

It is a milky white cream containing natural ingredients, moisturizers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents. This is a better substitute to petroleum products & caustic based detergents which drain the body oil. Only 2 to 5 grams sufficient to clean most greasy hand.Ideal for personnel working in metal and chemical Industries, oil fields, ship maintenance, garrage and machine shops as well as in manufacture of Engines & Transmission etc.

Removes the toughest grease tar grime ink paints sealants adhesives and other difficult soils.
It is massaged on to the soiled / greased skin without the use of water. The skin should then either be rinsed with clean water or wiped thoroughly with towel / tissue paper.  it removes even the most stubborn grease and grime thoroughly yet gently. 

Characteristics and Advantages:

Clothing Cleaner Volc Industrial
The unique VOLC-8619 formula removes oil, grease, resin and preserves colors and makes the clothes feel nice and soft again. All Industrial players using resin / oil / grease / heavy grime know the feeling of dirtiness and rigidness of clothes. This product is very useful for cleaning of such cloth.

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Hand Personal CareGet Quotation
Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Navi Mumbai, our product range includes Hand Personal Care Such as Dish wash 20 Ltr, Dish Wash GP 20 Ltr, Glycerine, Hand Cleaner Paste(Waterless 210 kgs), Hand cleaner paste(Waterless 5 kg jar ). Hand Liquid Disinfectant Antiseptic, Sanitizer Cleaner, Soft Hand Shampoo, Hand Liquid Disinfectant Antiseptic10 Ltr, Hand Cleaner Paste ( Waterless 210 Kgs), Glycerine, Dish Wash 20 Ltr, Dish Wash GP 20 Ltr.

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Railway Cleaning ChemicalsGet Quotation

Leading manufacturer and exporter from Kolkata, Kandla, Chennai, Surat, Navi Mumbai, Middle East. Automotive & Locomotive Clean, Care, Service & Maintenance System Cleaners, Additives, Wash Chemicals and innovative solutions. Our product range includes Railway Cleaning such as- Air Cooler Cleaner 30 Ltr , Alka Clean EDA 30 , Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty 20 ltr, Aqua Wash Cleaner, Bleaching Liq 20 Ltr, Carbon Remover 20 Ltrs, Coil Brite Rx PINK, Coolant Green RXSOL G 93-94, Corrosion Inhibitor for Metal Rust Preventive  Corrosion Inhibitor for Metal Rust Prevantive , Degreaser 1110 Advanced 25 Ltrs, Degreaser Biosolv, Degreaser Cleaner High Ph (Hot Stuff), Degreaser Conc Double Strength Detergent, Degreaser Dual Strength Surfactant, Degreaser Emulsion 25 Ltr, Degreaser Heavy Duty 20 Ltr, Degreaser High Foaming High PH Cleaner , Degreaser Non Phosphate, Disinfectant Cleaner , Engine Water Treatment EWT 20 Ltr, Glass & Mirror Cleaner Ultra Powerful , Liquid Detergent Heavy DUTY 25 Ltr, Moya Oil 210 Ltr, NC Cleaning Solvent, Oil Grease Remover, Paint Remover 20 Ltr , Rust Convertor 20 Ltr.

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Construction ChemicalGet Quotation

Various Types of Construction Chemical manufactured by our group division all details available on our company website rxmarine with msds and tech bulletine, cleaning procedure : Acid Slurry LABSA 96 to 98, Air Cooler cleaner plus 25 Ltr, Alpha Olefin sulfonates AOS, Brick / Concrete sealer, Cement additive for Strength, Coil Cleaner (NOn Rnsing Type), Concrete Fast Setting, Coil Cleaner ( Non Rinsing Type ), Oxalic Acid Liquid 25 Ltrs , Polymeric Waterproofing Coating VOLC WP, Super Plasticizer (Admixture) for Concrete, T.POL Heavy Duty 20 Ltr, Concrete Fast Setting, Foam Solvent Carpet Shampoo, Muriatic Acid 250 Kg Full Strength, Oxalic Acid Liquid 20 Ltrs, Battery Clean, Paint Remover 5 Ltr.

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Airway Cleaning ChemicalGet Quotation

Leading manufacturer and exporter from Navi Mumbai, our product range includes Airway Cleaning Product such as Active SK Coil Cleaner Pink, Active SK Coil Cleaner Yellow, Aluminium Cleaner, Aqua 20 Ltr, Aqua Break RX HD 20 Ltr, Brass Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner Bio, Citrus Cleaner, Coal Tar Cleaner 20 Ltr. Citrus Cleaner Degreaser, Degreaser Antibacterial, Degreaser Citrus Rino, Degreaser Deodorizer Citrus Cleaner, Degreaser Neutral Based 20 Ltr, Detergent Degreaser Conc (Low Foaming), Edge Sol Cleaner, Electrosol Quick Dry 20 Ltr, Fore & Aft Airway Cleaning Chemical, Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Fluid RXSOL 27, Heavy Duty Cleaner, High Foaming Aircraft Cleaner, Lube Oils Cleaner, Metal Brite 20 Ltr, Multi Clean 20 Ltr, Paint Remover 5 Ltr, Paint Thinner (NC), Rust Stain Remover (RSR ), Safe Parts Washing Solvent, Solvent Cleaner (Low odor), Cold Washer RX eco)ORG Autodry (Air Craft Cleaner), RXSOL ORG - 17 (Oxygen Generator Chemical), )T.POL 25 Ltr , RXSOL 27 Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Fluid, Electrosol Plus Ltr, Enviroclean Soft 20 Ltr, Degreaser Soy and VOC Free Tar Remover, Electrosol NF 20 Ltr, Degreaser Bio Degradble - 20 Ltrs.

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Metal Treatment Pickling Passivation Phosphating DegreasingGet Quotation
Scale layers, welding colours and tarnish, ferritic impurities (e.g. abrasion), mechanical treatments (e.g. grinding, blasting etc.) inhibit the formation of a closed passive layer. RXSOL Pickling Paste a  fully controlled pickled stainless steel surfaces and weld seams therefore guaran-tee full corrosion resistance of the material and in addition offer a decorative metallic appearance.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Get Quotation

We have following swimming pool chemicals

Chlorine tablets , Sodium Hypochlorite, Calcium hypochlorite granules, Algaecie liquid rx, Ph Minus Dry Acid, Sodium Suphite, Green algaecide, Phosphate remover, Black algaecide, Mustard Algaecide, Algaecide clarifier, All in one algaecide, Stainfree metal and calcium eliminator, Water clarifier, Metallic stain remover



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Lab EquipmentsGet Quotation
Pioneers in the industry, we offer rxsol beaker from India.

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New ItemsGet Quotation
car ac radiator condenser, sodium chlorite liquid, heavy duty paint stripper, glass cleaners and phenyl and aluminium cleaner trailer road film remover

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